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    You have made the right choice by paying attention to this article if you are looking for tips on writing an extended essay for an international baccalaureate program, or IB. Here you will find tips and tricks to help you in its writing. The concept of IB extended essay The international IB program is quite.

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    Schools should be prepared to feed students with different dishes depending on the food. ‘Secondary schools are required to be “flexible” with regard to what meals they serve for children in the UK if there is a shortage of meal due to Brexit,’ the government said, warning district authorities want to realize their plans without.

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    Without a trace of irony, US politicians claim that the best way to fight the epidemic of gun violence, which costs 40,000 lives a year, is to have more weapons. Especially in schools, where it is argued that armed masters and guards protect the students heroically from each other. This fantastic mentality of OK Corral.

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    Four years ago, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo pioneered a plan to put New York at the head of a national public education reform program in the United States, promising that half of a teacher’s grade would be standardized in terms of student numbers Testing. His initiative, however, met with immediate opposition from teachers’ unions and.

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