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Welcome to Bodybuildingology

I have compiled a number of articles related to bodybuilding, fitness, strongman, diet and nutrition. These are here to help you become a better, more fit person. Possibly aid you in breaking that training plateu. Becoming a more powerful Strongman. Help bring up that lagging body or muscle goup for your first win as a competitive bodybuilder.

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Extreme Bench Press Workout - Bench Press Battlefield
In the bench press, the prime movers and synergists (agonists) are: the anterior deltoids, the triceps, and the pectorals/serratus

Bench Press
The bench press has been considered one of the “core” weight lifting exercises for many years. The reason for this is simple: this exercise is extremely effective in strengthening the prime movers of the upper extremity. Examples of this can be found in

Bodybuilding Mr Olympia - Arnold Schwarzenegger
THE BEGINNINGS Arnold Schwarzenegger is without any doubt one of the biggest stars Hollywood has ever known. And then we aren't only speaking about size.

Arnold Schwarzenegger- Mr. Universe – Bodybuilding – Heavy weight lifting – Fitness – Muscles
Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, the greatest bodybuilder of all times, was born on July 30, 1947 in Thal in Austria . Arnold gained worldwide attention as a highly famous and successful bodybuilder and went on to achieve worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film star

Are we eating too much or not enough?
The key to weight loss is creating a calorie deficit. In other words, burn more calories then we eat. But to what degree is this deficit most beneficial? Twelve hundred calories must be better than sixteen hundred. Therefore, the less we put in our mouths, the more weight we will lose. Is this really how our bodies work? Our bodies are smarter than we think

Bodybuilding Nutrition - Sample Bodybuilding Diet
This sample bodybuilding diet will assist you to lose bodyfat and in building lean muscle mass. good bodybuilding diet and nutrition are key components that will determine how successful you are in your bodybuilding program. Training without proper nutrition is like rowing against the current. At best, you would remain on the same place or even move forward a little bit, but in the end, you get nowher

Diet Bodybuilding
A good bodybuilding diet helps you to gain muscle mass fast and achieve the body of your dreams! An appropriate nutrition is the main component that will decide how successful you are in the bodybuilding program.

Natural Bodybuilder's Diet - A Bodyduilding Competition Diet, Meal By Meal
What you will see is a sample of some of my personal bodybuilding diet menu plans that I actually used to prepare for competition. My goal is to prove to you that I practice what I preach and to let you see an actual sample of bodybuilding diet menu plans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Facts
Some interesting lesser known fun filled facts about Arnold, his life and his career.

Maximize Fat Loss
Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry because everyone is looking for the quick fix when it comes to losing weight. The problem is losing weight takes time, unless of course you go on The Atkins Diet and lose a lot of muscle and water! Everyone wants to burn body fat yet few people understand how the human body uses fat for fuel!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography
For a policeman's son born in a tiny village near Graz, Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger has done pretty well for himself. In 1968 Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived here in America completely broke and unable to speak English. The most recent estimate of Arnold's net worth today is more than $800 million. On August 6, 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy in California's recall election on NBC's “Jay Leno Show.” On the night of October 7 the Austrian-American actor made his victory speech in Los Angeles, introduced by Jay Leno. Although Gray Davis had made fun of Arnold's Austrian accent during the race, Schwarzenegger managed to turn the contest into a two-man race between him and Davis, and to prove that the political scene in California is a horse of a different color (zu Deutsch: Da pfeifft es aus einem anderen Loch).

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Stay Low and PULL!
Harness pulling is a very popular strongman event. Powerlifters like sled work to help with their GPP (General Physical Preparedness). You load up a sled and pull it in a bunch of different ways. This is great for recuperation and physical preparedness

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Ten Minute Fat Burning Routines
Everyone has 10 minutes they can steel through the day. Studies prove several ten minute bouts of exercise throughout the day are equally as beneficial for your health and calorie burning as one longer continuous session. If you spend your day at a desk, take ten minutes out of every 2 hours to get up, get moving and get closer to a body you can be proud of. You will return to your desk refreshed, with more mental clarity and a renewed sense to continue working knowing you are closer to reaching your fitness goals. Giving your metabolism a boost several times through the day, adds up to more fat burning.

Fat Burning Truths
Okay, it’s true that exercising first thing in the morning after an overnight fast burns more fat during the exercise session. But, there’s more to it. Fat is utilized at all times as is protein and carbohydrate. The percentages of each that are used shift depending on our level of fitness, intensity level and diet (including time from the last meal).

Converting to Sumo Deadlifting
I have spent endless hours on technique, style changes, good mornings, Romanian deadlifts, Olympic lifts, high pulls, rack pulls, etc. but with limited success. It wasn’t until I made a trip to Finland for a meet that I finally saw the missing piece of the equation which allowed me to see the whole picture better than I had before.

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Fitness Resolution Solution
Polls show that the number one New Year's resolution is still to lose weight with exercising more coming in at a close second. The New Year gives people hope that their situations can improve. It’s an opportunity to fulfill all of last year's shortcomings

Lifting accessories have been around since lifting began. Accessories cover the gambit from bars to gloves to belts to hats to knee and wrist wraps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding History
In the last 30 years the body building incredible grown because of the big number of fans and his popularity. Today the sport men have at their disposal all kind of food diets and training techniques which helps to build their bodies.

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A Review of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Diet
Times have changed since Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled the bodybuilding world throughout the '70s. Once upon a time, before we'd been privy to countless "revolutionary" diets and "Hasta la vista" was still associated with trips to Acapulco, Arnold was just a big—no, huge—guy in a fringe sport who occasionally showed up as a guest on late-night television. But an analysis of his diet, considered 'crazy' back in the day, shows that perhaps he and his Speedo-wearing buddies were a few decades ahead of their time

Finnish Deadlift Secrets
Through out the years, the deadlift has been our ”national sport” here in Finland. World records have been broken since the early 70´s. What makes Finns pull so much, what is their secret ?

Formulating your diet for beginners
this s written for those who don't have a clue on how to prepare a decent nutrition plan for a bodybuilding lifestyle. I want to make 1 thing clear right now.....Its what you eat that makes you grow period!!!!!

Deadlifting with the Finnish Master
When Marc was in Finland for the WPO Semi-Finals in November of 2005, he met some great people from all over the world that he has forged friendships with. This has been helpful because he is now able to draw from the knowledge of incredible lifters from everywhere.

Fat is an amazing tissue. It has ensured survival of our species through two ice ages and never ending drought and famine. A mere pound of fat stores an astounding 3,500 Calories for delayed use at any time in the future. As dormant tissue, there is almost no metabolic cost for keeping it on the body. As a member of the human species we all owe our existence to fat. Even more amazing than fat's capabilities are the number of misconceptions surrounding this specialized body tissue.

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How to Increase Your Squat and Deadlift
While sitting in the warm-up room at the W.P.C. World Championships in Lake George, N.Y., I reflected on the three squat attempts I had just completed in bewilderment. I just bombed out my third time in the last 4 meets, and in addition hurt myself during the warm-ups.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Old School Bodybuilding Workout
Arnold is probably the most famous bodybuilder of all time, he won Mr. Olympia seven times (1970-1975, 1980) and brought bodybuilding into the national spotlight in the movie "Pumpin Iron".

Losing Fat, Not Just Weight
Just like you need to take in more calories than you burn if you want to gain weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in if you want to lose it. You can adjust your caloric balance from both ends, of course: by eating fewer calories and by burning more. If you're not burning more calories than you're taking in, you're not losing weight. Period.

Prowler Envy
A couple-a three years ago, we got a Prowler. Not just any Prowler, but one of the first ones out. Joey Batson, a strength coach for Clemson and Furman and I am sure a few other schools by now was given credit for this beautiful piece of pain.

Fat Loss For Beginners
EVERYONE who wants to get leaner should read this article. Yes, I know it says "Fat loss for beginners," but sometimes we veterans forget what we once knew or we don't practice what we now know. If you're a beginner, this will be an introduction. If you're experienced, let this be a reminder.

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Common Sense and Lifting
Nowadays, mostly because of the Internet and pure laziness, most things are done on perception, not reality based. I can talk on these because I have had my fair share of both. The Internet is a great tool for helping us live our lives but people are constantly on and if you want a opinion of any sort it is out there.

The Real Skinny on Hot (or Not) Fat-loss Fads
Getting and maintaining a fit body takes work; there’s just no way to cut corners and be successful. However if you are confused by exactly how to go about attaining a fit and healthy body, you are not alone. Fortunately, nutrition and fitness experts, Kelli Calabrese, MS, CSCS and Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD, are here to give you the skinny on today’s “Hot or Not” diet and fitness claims so you can stay on track to getting and keeping a lean, healthy physique.

How to start losing weight
In order to lose weight we have to change We have to change our eating habits. To do this, we have to change the way we THINK Because unless we change our thinking, we won't change our eating.

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Bodybuilding Quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger
The better you get, the less you run around showing off as a muscle guy. you know, you wear regular shirts-not always trying to show off what you have. you talk less about it. it's like you have a little BMW-you want to race the hell out of this car, because you know it's just going 110. but if you see guys driving a ferrari or a lamborghini, they slide around at 60 on the freeway because they know if they press on that accelerator they are going to go 170. these things are the same in every field.

Fat Metabolism During Exercise
1. People store large amounts of body fat in the form of triglycerides within fat (adipose) tissue as well as within muscle fibers (intramuscular triglycerides). When compared to carbohydrate stored as muscle glycogen, these fat stores are mobilized and oxidized at relatively slow rates during exercise

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Diet
Eating is at the core of bodybuilding principles. Many have asked Arnold what the best way to gain weight is. His reply is usually proper nutrition along with intensive training. Bulking up is a sure way of gaining mass, but by simply keeping fat content low and recording what you consume in a food log, one can gain, according to him, 12 pounds of pure muscles mass each year until they reach their body-size limit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's training program
It's misleading, really, to mention Arnold's chest and back routines separately; he supersetted the two exclusively for most of his bodybuilding career. (We can, however, focus on the exercises for each bodypart separately, keeping in mind that he paired them up in his routines.)

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