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A good bodybuilding diet helps you to gain muscle mass fast and achieve the body of your dreams! An appropriate nutrition is the main component that will decide how successful you are in the bodybuilding program. Training and proper nutrition are the only successful combination; otherwise is like rowing against the current. You will get nowhere without a proper diet. Never associate a diet with starvation but with the food choices that you need to make every day.
As body builder, you must not starve to be successful; you must only follow some basic rules. You should prefer small and frequent feedings instead of infrequent and large ones. You are increasing your metabolism and you burn fat; your body switches on a catabolic state after three hours of no food. Catabolic state is making you lose muscle and gain fat; your body starts feeding itself and store calories as fat. The solution is to eat six meals a day, spaces out at 2 hours intervals.

Include carbohydrates in every meal, protein and fat as well. The ratio must be 40% carbohydrates, 20% fats and 40% protein. Having a meal that is not balanced will lead you body to store any carbohydrates, for example, into fat. The ratios for each macronutrient must be correct in order to weight loss and build a beautiful body.

The third rule is to cycle calories; bodybuilders should follow two days of lower calories and five days of high calories if they need to increase the muscle mass and five days of lower caloric intake with 2 days of high calories if they need to lose fat. The diet should be customized accordingly in order to support your higher level of physical activity.

You are looking for fat loss and muscle gaining; achieving your goal every two weeks you will end up with the right diet. During the fist two weeks, you will cut the fat. If you usually fry things, begin broiling and steaming. Substitute high fat meats for lower fat ones; skinless chicken or turkey are the best choice. Lean red meats must substitute the high fat ones. If you like salad dressing with fat content, substitute them for low fat or even non-fat.

During the weeks three and four, eliminate refined sugars from your diet. Sodas contain a large amount of sugar; drink diet sodas. Avoid table sugars, as well as the consumption of any type of sweets. During the weeks five and six, make the water your main beverage; you must start to drink much more water than before; substitute all type of drinks for water. Avoid fruit juices, diet sodas and drink water and drink a glass with every meal.

During the weeks seven and eight, the program is even more challenging; you are already really committed, so you can start compute every meal calories number in order to ensure the necessary calories for your body and don't go over the allotted caloric intake.

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