The Problem with School Lunches is Gaining Momentum

  • The Problem with School Lunches is Gaining Momentum

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    Schools should be prepared to feed students with different dishes depending on the food.

    ‘Secondary schools are required to be “flexible” with regard to what meals they serve for children in the UK if there is a shortage of meal due to Brexit,’ the government said, warning district authorities want to realize their plans without deals. Clusters across the country are intensifying, and the personal section opens up intentions to ensure long-term supply from bags of first aid medicine to soap.

    Kent Community Health NHS is considering the likelihood of medical workers to stay at night at their own clinics in order to protect themselves from congestion on the roadway if the transaction is unavailable.

    Department made it clear to all suppliers and people who accept goods that it cannot control the continuous delivery of food. It also made it clear that in the framework of standard school meals will have to get out of this situation.

    Protests Against Junk Food in School Canteen

    The activists immediately caught up with this situation and stated that since the progress they had made has been disappearing, a new wave of protests would appear soon. For example, recently one of the leaders of activists protested against the presence of nuggets in school meals.

    According to the rules approved by the Ministry, schools should provide fresh vegetables or vegetable salads in canteens daily. Following the rules, in school buffet, there should not be deep-fried potatoes and food fried in breading.

    The movement of such products as cauliflower, cucumbers and salads characterizes the subordination of Great Britain on the continent. The government comments on this situation as, ‘unforeseen protests on the side of the EU border that they cannot control.’ It promises to understand and solve the problem with the constant supply of school food products in the UK.

    A spokesperson for the association declared that the unresponsive Brexit would be a huge affliction for millions of students in British schools. Unforeseen supply disruptions will entail an inevitable increase in the prices of products, as a result of which suppliers will demand articles of the highest quality.

    The ministry declared it was certain that schools would also be able to provide students with food in the future, since there are many other ways to import products, such as purchasing products from other countries regardless of the results of Brexit’s work, as well as their own strong production.

    The leaders in England were stumped after the local secretary wrote in a letter that it was very important to conduct local planning and purchase food to the schools, in order to alleviate problems.

    He also wrote that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU has greatly aggravated the situation. The MP from the Democratic Party believes that this letter was sent with the aim of raising tensions among the people. Tom Brake declared that council members can play an important role in the situation in society without dispelling panic.

    The pharmaceutical companies have already collected supplies of first-aid drugs from the time of humanitarian aid that was provided to the UK during the terror attacks.

    The company explained this by the fact that all medicines have their own shelf life, and since it is very important to provide first aid to the patient in a timely and efficient manner, they went for such emergency methods. As a rule, hospitals do not store large stocks of such medicines, fearing that the drugs will go out of their shelf life.

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