All you need to know about writing IB extended essay

  • All you need to know about writing IB extended essay

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    You have made the right choice by paying attention to this article if you are looking for tips on writing an extended essay for an international baccalaureate program, or IB. Here you will find tips and tricks to help you in its writing.

    The concept of IB extended essay

    The international IB program is quite complex in view of the fact that it requires students to successfully complete tasks, including writing an extended essay. This course is aimed at:

    • developing students’ thinking;
    • preparing them for international communications;
    • forming the ability to consider various aspects of objects and phenomena.

    It can be said that the IB course is designed to develop the potential of students by conducting research on their chosen subjects at a higher level and by their results in writing an extended essay, or EE, which should not exceed 4000 words and has the following structure:

    1. Title page.
    2. Annotation.
    3. Content.
    4. Main part.
    5. List of sources.

    Evaluation of task

    The criteria for evaluating an extended essay with the highest possible score for each of them are discussed below:

    • achieving the purpose of the essay. This criterion is estimated at a maximum of 2 points;
    • correct spelling of the introduction, which should contain a research question. For this, the student receives a maximum of 2 points;
    • research. For a deep and detailed analysis of the sources of information on a given topic extended essay student can get the highest score of 4 points;
    • the student’s mastery of the extended essay topic is estimated at 4 points;
    • bringing a reasonable argument in favour of the correctness of the student’s point of view is estimated at a maximum of 4 points;
    • the student’s use of his analytical skills and abilities is estimated at 4 points maximum;
    • the use of vocabulary specific to the relevant field, within which the problem is considered is estimated at 4 points;
    • the conclusion that meets all the requirements of the examiners will be evaluated in 2 points;
    • the correct structure of the extended essay is estimated at a maximum of 4 points;
    • writing an abstract that meets the requirements of the content and volume can be estimated at a maximum of 2 points;
    • a complete and reasonable opinion of the student regarding the topic of the study is evaluated as a maximum of 4 points.

    Recommendations for IB extended essay

    General tips and tricks for writing an IB extended essay are given below ; source :

    • clearly observe the terms of writing set by the diploma program;
    • write it in the form of research on a given topic in volume no more than 4000 words;
    • compliance with the current requirements for writing an extended essay;
    • constant interaction with the teacher;
    • choosing a topic in which the student is competent and its coordination with the head.

    What to avoid when writing an IB extended essay

    To successfully write an essay and get a high score, you should do not:

    1. Choose too extensive or narrow topics, write about what will allow you to fully disclose the topic, donot miss anything and observing the optimal volume of the essay.
    2. Regard the questions that require a simple answer, as an extended essay involves a deep and detailed analysis of all aspects of the question.
    3. Choose a topic on which you will not be able to find enough information.
    4. Use irrelevant information and data when writing an extended essay.
    5. Engage in plagiarism, make references to the sources used correctly and in accordance with the established requirements.
    6. Duplicate the information from the introduction in the conclusion.
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